Industrious Lawns

There are at least 7 pit shafts at Lawns Farm.

Coal mining here started in the 1600ís, probably earlier but it was the 1770ís that saw large scale coal mining begin.

Lawns Farm was very much part of the Industrial Revolution. The pits evolved from day eyes to ladder shafts, horse powered gins and finally steam wound shafts.

There have been at least four wagon roads (railroads) across the farm, one of  which transported coal and flagstone down to the Orrell West Siding. Mechanism saw the replacement of the horse drawn carts with steam propelled carts, a fixed locomotive was located at the highest point of the farm at the top of Stoney Brow. 

Underground there are good aquifers and in the 1800ís, when the steam trains passing through Orrell Station required to take onboard water, a steam engine was used to pump water to the surface and then down to the station.

In 1896 The Lawns Delf, employed 6 men underground and 7 on the surface mining coal and flagstone, this increased in 1918 to 24 underground.

The Lawns works stood on what is now the playing fields and produced sanitary pipes and firebricks until the early 1950ís, employing dozens of men.

The Ashton Family have farmed here since 1924.

In 1981 Tom and Margaret Ashton imported the first Belgian Blue Cattle into the country seeing their potential as a beef breed, they are now the most popular beef sire in the country.

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